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Boone County Chiropractic offers a wide array of services to help each individual patient's needs. Call today to learn more!


Today, Americans engage in more sedentary activities than in the past, and more hours are spent in one fixed position or posture (such as sitting in front of a computer). This can increase joint irritation and muscle tension in the neck, upper back and scalp, causing your head to ache. A study in the Spine Orthopedic Journal stated that chiropractic treatment effectivly reduces the symptoms of headaches both short term and long term.

Neck Pain

A sudden injury such as a fall or a car accident may cause damage to the neck. Poor posture, looking down at digital devices, spinal imbalance and even emotional stress can cause neck pain. Chiropractic treatment can help ease pressure on nerves and prevent the need for surgery. Neck pain often responds dramatically to the restoration of normal spinal function through chiropractic care. 

Back Pain

Falls, car accidents, sports strains & injuries, heavy lifting, arthritis or repetitive work may cause damage to the back. Often the vertebrae (spinal bones) are involved in this damage. The chiropractic approach to treating back pain is to find the soure of the problem and correct it. By correcting the source of the problem, the body can heal naturally. 

Leg Pain (Sciatic Pain)

Sciatica is characterized by pain that originates in the low back or buttock that travels into one or both legs.The type of chiropractic therapy provided depends on the cause of the patient's sciatica. A sciatica treatment plan may include several different treatments such as ice/cold therapies, ultrasound, TENS, and spinal adjustments (sometimes called spinal manipulation). 

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